WAVI Therapy

What is WAVI?

WAVi is a multifaceted brain performance assessment tool. WAVi makes it possible for those who are proactively improving brain health to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. The helmet, embedded with EEG electrodes, determines brain speed and power by having a patient perform a set of auditory and visual tests, measuring brain activity during the tasks. With the use of this EEG technology, we may be able to use preventative medicine to resolve brain dysfunction due to age, stress, hormone imbalances and obesity. 

What is an EEG?

An EEG (or electroencephalogram) is a typically non-invasive method that tracks and records brain wave patterns. Localized brain activity is recorded via a number of metal electrodes. EEG is an ideal tool for tracking and observing brain state changes.

What is the WAVI testing?

The Wavi Wellness exam will give us the tools to measure brain reaction time and voltage, With this information we will be able to measure the time it takes for your brain to recognize a stimulus and how fast it responds. The reason this is important information, is because we can  now show how optimizing your health can positively affect your brain and potentially slow down the deterioration of the brain due to age.

What effect does hormone imbalance have on the brain?

The suppression of hormone function by repeated stress is likely to deprive the brain and cardiovascular system of protective actions of gonadal hormones and, thus, increase allostatic load. 

How much does a scan cost?

At Relive we charge $50 per scan. That compares to a national average cost of $200 to $700 for an EEG, or $1,200 for brain CT scan.

How long does the scan take?

The scan will take 20-30 minutes depending on the tests performed.

Can you evaluate athletes while in contact sports for concussions?

Yes. The University of Colorado Boulder athletic department was able to detect concussions and sub-concussive blows that could have damaging effects as well but would escape being classified as a concussion under current protocol. WAVi helped the department monitor student-athletes to determine when their brains had healed enough to allow them to resume their sport.